About Serenity Pet Sanctuary

Serenity Pet Sanctuary is a small animal rescue located in Hamilton, Ontario. We focus on all small animals but mainly guinea pigs and rabbits. SPS was opened in November 2017 and has remained a safe haven for all small creatures since.

The owner of SPS, Sarah Jervis opened SPS after witnessing and hearing many horror stories about guinea pigs and bunnies being re-homed online. She seen post after post of defenseless scared animals being re-homed without a thought, many crammed in tiny or filthy cages. That November she stepped into her first hoarding situation, Saving over 30 guinea pigs. Since then she has turned her home into a bunny and guinea pig safe haven and created an amazing network of foster homes. We have had a few members join our team since then, Tammy Lucas & Emily Jiang. Both ladies have gone above and beyond to be a voice for those in need. Tammy has opened her own home to take care of our most fragile surrenders and Emily has gone above and beyond to help bridge SPS to many wonderful and lifesaving opportunities.  

To this day we have helped over 100 animals and hope to see that number continue to rise. Small animals are often forgotten as pocket or starter pets when they are really complex loving fluff balls. We firmly believe here at SPS that each and every animal is important and worthy of a happy safe life, One without fear of mistreatment or neglect.


It is our mission to prevent harm, educate, and fight for animals everywhere

We receive no government funding and rely on the kindness of you and your friends, to help save and care for these rescued animals. With your help we are able to help countless animals, bringing them back from sickness or just helping them on their travels to their forever homes.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" - Vincent Van Gogh


To prevent harm, educate,

    and fight for animals


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